5 Step Approach to Helping Agency Partners Work Together

November 18, 2015

Achieving impactful communication of a Single Message to your target consumers when managing multiple agency partners is often a difficult task for marketers.  Many successful companies adhere to the following 5 Step Approach to ensures that each agency has a clear understanding of the “Big Idea” and their role in communicating it within their medium of expertise.

  1. Marketing team to develop the single-minded Integrated Communication Brief that articulates the “Consumer Behavior Change” and the Key Brand Benefit that will drive this change.
  2. Identify a lead strategic agency partner responsible for developing a clear, inspirational “Big Idea” that delivers against the approved brand strategy.
  3. Communicate the “Big Idea” to all agency partners for development of executions within their medium of expertise.
  4. Brief individual agencies on the “Media Strategy” and the role of their medium of expertise in developing creative executions.
  5. Evaluate executions against the IC Brief, Big Idea, & Media Strategy and provide insightful feedback to ensure getting the best work from each of our agency partners.

Providing your agency partners with clear communication along each step in the process will keep them fully engaged and focused on how to best communicate the Big Idea to your consumers to generate the required Behavior Change.

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