5 Steps for Effective Creative Review

September 15, 2015

Bring Your “Big Idea” to Life

The options for communicating with your Primary Target Audience have expanded significantly with Digital and Social Media. Yet the way in which we evaluate the creative content of the message directed at the target remains notably consistent.


These 5 steps for Effective Creative Review will significantly improve the impact of your message across all targeted mediums:

  1. Have a Gut Reaction
    • How deeply engaging is it?
  2. Understand the inspirational Big Idea
    • Is it distinctive and clear?  Is it brand centric?
  3. Evaluate the Drama
    • Does it bring the Big Idea to life?
  4. Check that it is On Strategy
    • It it’s not on-brief, it may need to be killed
  5. Build Strong Impact with the help of the Agency
    • All the detail, but as positive builds.

Many important Core Marketing Concepts, including this 5 Step Creative Review, that all of you work with on a daily basis are covered in Ennis Associates Brand Management Workshop (click here for the course curriculum).

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