Constructing a Great Media Plan

February 25, 2016

I recently wrote a piece on the increasing importance of mobile phones as an essential communication vehicle.  “Marketing in the Moments” is a desirable goal for any brand to aspire to.  As tempting as it is to channel our energies on realizing this ambition, marketers are better off focusing on the essential elements that contribute to building a great media plan.

Marketers influence the construction of the media plan in six important areas.  They…….

  1. Articulate the brands overall marketing strategy, which impacts the media objectives and strategies
  2. Understand the Competitive Landscape and our unique position within it
  3. Determine the brands best Target Prospects which becomes the media target
  4. Pinpoint Geographic areas of importance to the strategy
  5. Identify Seasonal opportunities where the brand must win
  6. Communicate Historical Learning’s to shape the Communication Goals

A brands message and media selection must work together in harmony.  We must get the Right Message to the consumer, at the Right Time, and in the Right Way to best target prospects.

At Ennis Associates, we specialize in developing marketing training workshops that guide marketers on how to integrate all marketing elements to achieve the desired brand strategy.

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