Attaining Consistent Communication is a Learned Skill

January 6, 2016

Sazerac’s recently terminated lawsuit against Jack Daniels for their use of the term “Fireball” in online advertising, and Target’s dog mascot Bullseye relaxing at an exclusive private spa in Los Angeles, illustrates the importance of brand icons in communicating the emotional associations that we choose to link with our Brands.

These creative concepts personify how we choose to define ourselves to our target audience and over time become distinct and owned by the brand.  They bring our brands key benefits to life and ensure that we remain “Authentic and Relevant” to our consumer as being the “Brand for Me”.

Marketers today must have a deep understanding of how we wish to present our Brands to our target so that we involve and capture their interest.  Developing consistent communications across all consumer touch points which is distinct to our brand, is a learned skill that is difficult to master.  Achieving proficiency in this core marketing competency will build meaningful differentiation for our brand and a competitive advantage over our competition.

Management has a responsibility to evaluate the talent of their marketing managers and provide the necessary tools to ensure that they are the best relative to the competition.  Annual assessments of individual communications across all mediums is a great technique to ensure consistency and sharpen the skills of marketers.

Marketing seminars from Ennis Associates analyzes essential marketing tools utilized within the CPG industry and their application for building strong Brand Equity.

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