Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Remains a Priority

October 25, 2015

In researching the priority that Companies place on Marketing Training & Development in today’s business climate, I came across an engaging essay in the MIT Sloan Management Review Fall 2015 magazine.  In the article “What High-Potential Young Managers Want”, the authors considered what companies need to know to retain and develop today’s generation of young managers.  In their survey, they investigated which development factors matter most to high-potential young professionals. “Formal Training” was the 3rd highest-ranked item in importance, with an average score of 4.1 on a five point scale, with five representing “extremely important”.

I am encouraged that young business professionals understand that continuous training & development is an important consideration for achieving their future goals.  For marketing managers that are just beginning their careers at a new company, understanding how to apply the fundamentals of marketing on their assigned business is a critical training need that will pay significant dividends for themselves and the organization in the future.

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