Evolving With Your Target Audience

April 12, 2016

Ensuring that our Brand is in sync with our target audience consumer is the primary responsibility of every marketer.  Maintaining relevance with the target we choose to serve in a changing marketplace is a demanding process that can take even seasoned marketers outside of their comfort zone.

Experienced marketers will rigorously apply the following five steps to ensure that they are always in step with consumer expectations:

  1. Continuously update our knowledge of the Consumer Segments that we presently serve to confirm that we understand their needs and expectations.
  2. Assess the compelling Consumer Insight that is the basis for all strategic business decisions that we make on the brand.
  3. Confirm that our agreed to Brand Strategy will achieve the desired Consumer Behavior in today’s market environment.
  4. Ensure that all Consumer Communication is consistent with our Brand Equity
  5. Approve Integrated Execution Plans that will connect with the Target Consumer at this point in time.

At Ennis Associates, Inc. we specialize in developing marketing training workshops that guide marketers on how to effectively communicate with their primary target to achieve the desired brand strategy.

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