Integrated Communication – Creative Strategy & Execution

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key principles for generating effective Consumer Communication across all types of media
  • Develop workable skills in creating IC Briefs using your Company’s template insightfully and in a way that motivates focused creative excellence
  • Understand the critical importance of the Creative “Big Idea” and of identifying it before making Executional comments
  • Develop skills and hands-on experience with the 5-Step creative evaluation process to help achieve Breakthrough with your primary target audience

Key Topics Covered

  • Key thrust of Great Communication – Disrupt, Engage, and Convince
  • Creative Briefs – How to navigate a Brief so that the agency understands the “Single-Minded” communication idea
  • Identifying a “Big Idea” that brings the Key Brand Benefit to Life ensuring that it is Creative, Powerful and Original
  • 5 Step Evaluation Process – Have a Gut Reaction, Get the Big Idea, Evaluate the Drama, Check It’s on Strategy, Have Strong Impact
  • Agency Management & Communication – The approval meeting and providing feedback to the agency creative team
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