The All Powerful “Big Idea”

February 11, 2016

Communicating the key brand benefit for a product of service to effectively achieve the desired consumer behavior change is the definitive goal of the Integrated Communication Plan.  The primary tool utilized by marketers to ensure the communication of a single brand message across all media platforms is the “Big Idea”.

We define the Big Idea as:

  • A creative concept that brings the Key Brand Benefit to life by dramatizing it so that the level of willingness to consider your brand is increased among the target consumer.

If developed and executed well by your agencies, the Big Idea becomes a powerful single-minded concept that involves the consumer in the benefit that you want them to understand about the brand.  Over time, original and distinct Big Ideas will become owned by the brand in the minds of the target consumer.  This enables a business to quickly communicate an advertising message, across all platforms, with significantly less media dollars.

At Ennis Associates, we specialize in developing marketing training workshops that guide marketers on how to integrate all marketing elements to achieve the desired brand strategy.

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